Think art and functionality can’t align? Think again.

By: Rookwood Pottery

一个出轨女人的自白Rookwood Pottery combines the two, creating custom ceramic tiles that will last.

Our tile line dates back to the early 1900s. However, in 2006, the tiles were reinvented with a new air of design and innovation. The new, handcrafted tiles are fitting for both residential and commercial environments.

Scrolling through the , you’ll notice a wide variety of cuts, sizes, patterns and textures. From classic shapes, to Celtic knots, to rose prints一个出轨女人的自白—if you can dream it, you can implement it at Rookwood.

Once you select a style, you can choose from a number of glaze colors 一个出轨女人的自白and tones to complement your space. Each piece is hand-glazed using natural minerals and elements. Whether you’re feeling warm hues of pink and red, rustic shades of blue and gray, or anywhere in between; there’s no way you can go wrong.

Last step: the kiln! Each tile is fired into its final form, cooled and inspected, so it’s picture perfect and installation ready.

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